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Medford Knife and Tool
TFF-1 Folding Knife

Explore the Medford TFF-1: Fixed-Blade Reliability In A Tactical Folder

When you hear the name "Medford Fat Daddy," you know you're in for a treat. This knife proudly stands as one of Medford's largest and most robust blades in their illustrious product lineup. With dimensions stretching to 9.5 inches, this titan blurs the boundaries between folding knives and fixed blades. Introducing the Medford TFF-1 Folding Knife, a masterpiece that combines the solidity of a fixed blade with the convenience of a folder.

Crafted to perfection, the Medford TFF-1 Knife boasts a substantial blade, reminiscent of its revered Praetorian counterparts. The 6AL4V titanium handle is more than just ergonomic – it's a work of functional art, consisting of solid titanium scales. The heart of this masterpiece is the oversized six-shooter pivot, an engineering marvel that allows the 4-inch blade to pivot with precision. For those who hold fixed blades in high regard, the Medford TFF-1 is your ultimate folding companion.

A word of advice: Don't underestimate its power. This knife is truly a beast, ready to conquer any challenge that comes its way. Make sure to have a sturdy belt on hand, as the Medford TFF-1 Folding Knife is an absolute monster in the best possible way.

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