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The Pirate's Lord's Cove Empire has been in the works for quite some time. It's a culmination of all the adventures and and treasures we could muster to bring you an experience unlike anything else. Now that all of the pieces are in place, we're excited to extend 10 lucky individuals a seat of power at the Kingsman Tribute table. 


The Kingsman Tribute will include 10 Seats of Power (Limited 1 Per Individual)


Seats of Power will include:

  • Only 10 Seats of Power Available
  • Exclusive Kingsman Gifts Totaling Over $1600 in Value (Landing January 2023) *Treasure Hint: Only 10 will be engraved.
  • Exclusive Treasure Hunts Designed for Kingsman featuring Geocaching Technology with Partner Restaurants, Bars, Speakeasies, and More!
  • Early Priority Access to Limited Edition Products Before Release
  • Exclusive Access to Treasure Media Content (Behind The Scenes)
  • Direct Influence of the Empire - A Seat of Power!
  • Voting Power Input for Future Treasure Hunts and Events
  • Kingsman Only VIP Annual Events/Parties (Pirate Luxury Yacht Party in 2023)
  • Virtual Access to Special Shows and Product Designs
  • Virtual Kingsman Mastermind Sessions (Kingsman Tribute Meetings with Exclusive Pairings/Tastings)
  • Countless Adventures with Endless Passion (Membership, Treasure Hunts, and Events Renew Yearly)


Note: This is not going to be an idle seat and a one an done experince. This is going to be an epic quest filled with input, participation, adventure, challanges, brotherhood, and fun. Take the plunge and reserve your seat at the Kingsman Tribute today. 


Exclusive Seat At The Kingsman Tribute (1 of 10 Seats of Power)

SKU: 0699

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