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Welcome to the newest collaboration between Detroit Wick and The Medford Guy!


The Exclusive Pirate Perfume Luxury Wax Candle brings dynamic pleasures to your sense of smell. These incredible hand-crafted wax candles were made to transform rooms into aromatic, hearty, and full spirited environments of warmth and indulgence. To fulfill your sense for adventure, each candle is a hunt for buried treasures! That's right, three lucky Pirate Perfume Luxury Wax Candles include a custom hand-crafted jewelry piece from Metal Urgency at the bottom of the candle.


Upgrade any room by ordering your Exclusive Pirate Perfume Luxury Wax Candle today!


All Pirate Perfume Luxury Wax Candles are ethically produced in the USA to deliver unparralleled fragrance integrity while exceeding strict regulatory standards producing candles that are sustainable, not tested of animals, and free of harmful toxins.


For best results light the candle, let it burn for 60 seconds, and blow out the candle. Trim the wick 1/4" and re-light for an ultra smooth burn. Burn candles responsibly on flat surfaces away from small hands and paws! 


Pirate Perfume Luxury Wax Candle Features:

  • Scent: Tropical Fruit, Sugared Oranges, Meyer Lemon, Caviar Lime, and Mountain Greens. 
  • 13.5oz Stone Ceramic Vessel
  • 70+ Hours Burn Time
  • Proprietary Ultra Smooth Wx Blend
  • Proudly Hand-Poured In Detroit, USA
  • Sustainable, Ecologically-Sound, Pesticide-Free Manufacturing
  • Not Tested On Animals
  • 100% Cotton Wicks


TMG X Detroit Wick - Exclusive Pirate Perfume Luxury Wax Candle

SKU: 0691