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Medford Knife and Tool Nosferatu

Nosferatu Knives: Unleash Innovation, Elevate Performance.

Discover the Power of Medford Nosferatu Knives Introducing the Medford Nosferatu series, featuring the cutting-edge Medford Nosferatu Auto and the innovative Nosferatu Flipper Knife. Crafted with precision and passion, these knives embody the essence of quality and performance.

Medford Nosferatu Auto: Unleash the Fangs of Innovation Experience the extraordinary Medford Nosferatu Auto, a masterpiece that merges craftsmanship with function. This automatic dagger boasts a distinctive 3.5” blade, intricately modeled after the legendary German vampire's fangs. The strategically designed swedge enhances penetration during thrusting motions. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Nosferatu Auto showcases a rapid out-the-side action, ensuring rapid blade deployment, dependable lock-up, and a play-free experience - a rarity among automatic knives. Safety is paramount, and the integrated safety feature within the titanium handle reflects this commitment.


Nosferatu Flipper Knife by Medford: Where Tradition Meets Modernity Breaking new ground, the Nosferatu Flipper Knife by Medford introduces the first-ever Wharncliffe shaped blade within their folding knife repertoire. This 3.5” slicer embraces the renowned classic hollow-grind that defines Medford's legacy. Engineered for seamless performance, the flipper knife employs caged bearings, creating a luxuriously smooth opening and an effortless drop-shut closure.


Medford Nosferatu Collection: Elevate Your Edge Immerse yourself in the world of Medford Nosferatu knives, where innovation, functionality, and precision converge. From the captivating Nosferatu Auto with its unique dagger blade, to the groundbreaking Nosferatu Flipper Knife with its Wharncliffe profile, each knife in this collection redefines excellence in the realm of cutlery."

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