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All About The News - New Updates, New Gear, and New Releases.

Hey friends,

I don’t know about you all, but it’s been quite and exciting month here at TheMedfordGuy. Throughout July we have had new Medford knives uploaded to the website on what seems like a weekly basis, alongside of some great certified pre-owned Medford knives too. One top of that, we recently uploaded a Metal Urgency Megalodon Tooth Pendant and Chain to the website – a freaking Megalodon!

If you have been keeping track of your emails from Medford Knife and Tool, you have probably seen that they released a new knife this month as part of a project to help Ukrainians. That wasn’t the only new release to come out of the Shacktory though. The Medford team has also released a new ASK Knife aimed at providing complimentary tools that pair well with the pocketknife that you already carry. Let’s take a moment to break it all down in this new blog post!

First up, we’ve taken in some magnificent condition, certified pre-owned Medford knives that are live on the website. Each knife has gone through our rigorous inspection process and was evaluated to see if they were worthy of carrying the TMG CPO stamp of approval. These one-of-a-kind knives are incredible with each knife having it's own uniquely customized look and feel. Of course, these TMG CPO knives all have the Medford build quality and lock up that we all know and love! These knives, plus all future certified pre-owned knives, can be found here in the new TMG CPO section on the website: SHOP CPO MEDFORD KNIVES

Next on the docket, we have recently uploaded an insane, extremely rare chain and pendant from Metal Urgency dubbed, “The Ultimate Megalodon Pendant.” This pendant and chain combo isn’t for just anyone. The wearer of this incredible piece is going to be making a statement by fashionably dawning a literal fossil from an extinct Mackerel shark around their neck! The Megalodon, meaning “big tooth”, lived approximately 23 to 3.6 million years ago. Megalodon’s were originally thought to be a member of the great white shark family, but now scientist have classified it into the extinct family "Otodontidae", which diverged from the great white shark during the Early Cretaceous period. That, my friends, is your fun fact for the day!

This Metal Urgency Megalodon pendant and chain are incredible and a must-see! This fossil is the largest Megalodon tooth I’ve seen in person, and it’s entirely intact with no chips or breaks. The included chain compliments the Megalodon tooth perfectly, I would add. I’m honored and privileged to be stocking it on TheMedfordGuy website. You can see this incredible piece here: SEE THE METAL URGENCY MEGALODON TOOTH PENDANT AND CHAIN

Now for all my Medford Maniacs out there, our dear friends at Medford Knife and Tool have released a new knife model aimed at helping the Ukraine war fighters and citizens in protecting their country from the Russian invasion. This project had been in the plans for a few months now, but as all things typically go with government bureaucracy, it quickly became "untenable" – per Medford’s own website. The new knife, named “The Liberator”, is a fixed-blade knife that measures in at just over 8” overall, 0.25” thick, and features a straight edge with chisel grind, skeletonized grip section, lanyard hole, finger loop, and skull crusher/attitude adjuster. The blade length is 3.59”and is simple, efficient, and practical. The knife is sterile of any markings or logos and is meant to be a user and close-quarters defensive tool. The Medford Liberator includes a molded Kydex sheath and Teklok for ease of attachment to your belt or personal kit. The new knife can be found on the Medford Knife and Tool website, and all proceeds from sales are going to help the people of Ukraine. You can learn more and see this epic new knife here: SEE THE MEDFORD KNIFE AND TOOL LIBERATOR

Finally in this week’s blog post we cover the newest offering from ASK Knife called “The Atlas™”. This new American-made multitool borrows its form and function from the extremely popular ASK Jefferson Knife that was released earlier in 2022. The Atlas™ features brand new battleship gray molded scales and operates on a slip joint mechanism. The toolset on one side includes a prybar/chisel tool and ¼” hex that tapers down to a grabber tool. On the opposite end you get a bottle opener with integrated flat head driver. The knife component has been completely deleted from this offering which eliminates redundancy and offers weight savings. Weighing in at only 1.5oz, the new Atlas™ model was purpose built for those who like the idea of a multitool, but don’t need the added weight or redundancy of another knife in the pocket. You can find out more on the ASK Knife website here: DISCOVER THE NEW ATLAS™ AMERICAN SERVICE KNIFE

Like I said friends it has been a busy month full of excitement, new releases, and so much more. As always, subscribe to our email list so you stay up to date on all new product drops, sales, and important announcements. As always, if there’s a piece of gear on the website you want more info about, or if you want to get your hands on something not on the website, feel free to reach out on the CONTACT US PAGE and we'll take it from there!

Stay well, and thank you again for your support!

Cheers and puffs,

Jake - The Medford Guy

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