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ASK Knife Unboxing with Greg Medford

Welcome Medford Maniacs to another edition of the TMG Blog!

Things have been lucrative around the shop lately as you might have noticed. Not only are we getting new Medford Knife and Tool drops around the clock, but now we are rolling out exclusive collaborations with ASK Knife and they are coming in hot!

So far, we’ve released the limited edition ‘TheMedfordGuy’ logo American Service Knives based on "The Jefferson Knife" Platform. Next, was the surprise release of the incredibly popular ‘Wood Grain’ ASK Knife special run with gorgeous custom UV printed injection molded scales. One of our hottest releases to date and our personal favorite!

Now on the heels of two successful custom knife releases, we’ve announced the ‘Ferrari Owners Club Northeast Region’ ASK Knives specific for their annual country club clay shoot. With all the popularity surrounding ASK Knives on our website lately, you might be asking what makes them so great? For those of you that either own them or have handled them in person – you get it.

For those of you that haven’t handled one yet, American Service Knives really are incredible. They’re rugged, modular, lightweight, and incredible strong utilizing full titanium hardware, liners, and premium CPM Steel drop point blades with more to come.

As with anything from ASK Knife and Medford Knife and Tool, these knives are always 100% American-made by freedom and liberty loving patriots. Is this just another run of the mill Swiss army knife? No, this is more than another flimsy multi tool, it's an overbuilt American Service Knife.

Why Choose ASK Knives?

  • Attainable - American-made quality for the casual consumer

  • Modular - personalization and quality

  • Strong - titanium liners, hardware, and molded handles

  • Unique - personalization and quality offered upgrades

  • Patriotic - American craftsmanship and modular flexibility

  • Reliable - a new standard in multi tool excellence

Don’t just take our word for it though. Hear what makes ASK Knives an ultra-high end knife from the maker himself – Greg Medford, Founder of Medford Knife and Tool, Founder of ASK Knife, and legend in the high end knife world.

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