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Ringing In The New Year Right: A Fit For A TITAN™ Drawing Update

Fit For A TITAN™ Drawing Update
Ring in the New Year Right! A Fit For A TITAN™ Drawing Update

Happy December MKTooligans!

Welcome to the latest TMG blog post – we've got an exciting update to share! Months back, we postponed the TITAN™ drawing, which sent us scrambling for a new venue appropriate to give away America's only high-luxury pocketknife. Fear not, though! We're back with a new date and venue. Please mark your calendars for January 1st, 2024, and catch the live drawing on our YouTube channel!

Despite the change, ticket sales have been moving, and we're thrilled to see everyone snagging some excellent knives and merch on the TMG website. To spice things up, we've offered a FREE Fit for A TITAN™ Entry with every purchase of $100 or more at Yes, you read that right – a complimentary entry into the Fit for A TITAN™ Drawing with every $100+ purchase up to the drawing date!

For those who've already purchased Fit for A TITAN™ Tickets, you're still in it to win it! Check out the details below for some important information:

- TITAN™ 'Tickets' and TITAN™ 'Entries' are distinct ways to enter the Fit for A TITAN™ Prize Drawing.

- You can either purchase a TITAN™ Ticket on the website or earn a TITAN™ Entry with a product purchase of $100 or more at

- On December 31st, 2023, all drawing spots are filled.

- TITAN™ 'Entries' will not receive the $100 OFF Coupon that the original Fit for A TITAN™ Tickets include.

- The promotion runs from January 1st, 2024, or until entries are exhausted.

We've worked hard to enhance the drawing experience, and we hope you'll be as excited as we are about these changes. TMG is committed to offering you the chance to win the exclusive Medford Knife and Tool TITAN™ Knife – a one-of-a-kind luxury pocketknife. We appreciate each of you and look forward to continuing our journey together. Get ready for the TITAN drawing in the new year, and continue to check out our treasure hunts, Kingsman Tribute Seats, our newest offering the Medford Knife and Tool Hyper Dress Praetorian Ti, and our ever-growing collection of pirate treasures. Wishing you all an incredible holiday season!

Cheer and puffs,

Jake – The Medford Guy

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So freaking excited!

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