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Behind The Scenes Look: TMG x The Palm Event 2024

The Palm Event is an exclusive ticket to a fantastic weekend of motorsports exhibitions, plus featured luxury partners displaying their extravagant product offerings worldwide! Guests treat their taste buds to gourmet eats, sipping on fine select wines, looking fabulous in fashion-forward styles, and surrounded by cars ranging from classic 1920s models to modern-day hypercars. And here's the best part: the event gives back simultaneously! Every year, this event brings in incredible donations for a cause we all have a heart for. This year's Palm Beach Event partnered with A Place of Hope – The Largest Children's Organization in South Florida.

This year The Medford Guy traveled in style with my lovely wife and the Little Medford Guy in tow. Needless to say, The Palm Event was a weekend to remember! We kicked off the annual odyssey of fun at the exquisite Mar-a-Lago Club, and since it was absolutely magical! We were in awe of the fantastic sports cars on full display and were excited to see good friends from Ferrari Owner's Club NorthEast Region at the event. In true 'Medford Guy' style, we had an enormous array of custom Medford knives, Metal Urgency Men's Jewelry, and select gear from Nash On-The-Roam on full display at our vendor table. The new ASK Knife collaboration "MAGA 2024" knives were a big hit at the Mar-A-Lago hosted event. The classic MAGA Red and MAGA white ASK knives were available, featuring "President Donald Trump" on the front-facing side and "MAGA 2024" on the rear scale. The colors and fonts match the authentic sanctioned font of Donald Trump's political campaign! Of course, our 45th President of the United States dropped by the event to welcome his guest and wish them the best!

During the event, we also held our first treasure hunt featuring a piece of TMG Pirate Plunder - Coin of El Dorado from the Pirate Lord's Cove! We announced the treasure hunt through Instagram LIVE and the event MC, inviting all The Palm Event guests to participate in the adventure, where the winner receives a set of MAGA 2024 American Service Knives! Our friend and renowned fashion designer, Shawn Christopher, was the lucky winner of the knife set. Check out his American-made luxury men's fashion accessories at @scbocaraton on Instagram!

At The Palm Event, we attended fashion shows and exclusive afterparties, connected with friends and luxury industry Titans, speaking about collaborative projects you will love. For our TMG fans, we're looking at putting together fully custom high-value luxury poker chip sets, a custom TMG Texas Hold' Em Jacob and Co. watch, and much more.

If you're still following along, it's time to stop, collaborate, and listen. Rob Van Winkle, better known as 'Vanilla Ice,' also sat down with us about future endeavors, possibly including a new business venture called "Collaborate," an exclusive retail space focused on bringing the best brands together to make unique and genuinely uncommon luxury goods. The Palm Event is such an incredible time and not only supports a fantastic cause and brings together like-minded entrepreneurs and influencers, creating lasting relationships and endless possibilities. I hope you all enjoyed following along on social media, and I look forward to bringing you even more behind-the-scenes content from these incredible and exclusive events.

Cheers and Puffs,

Jake – The Medford Guy


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