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Fit For Silver Platter - New Custom Midi Marauder Collaboration Knife

Medford Knife and Tool Midi Marauder - Leroy's Wooden Tattoo Collaboration Knife

Hey fellow Medford Maniacs!

We’ve been hard at work to bring you the absolute best that Medford Knife and Tool has to offer. In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we’ve partnered with the incredible artist over at Leroy’s Wooden Tattoos (@leroyswoodentatoos) to create this incredible, one-of-a-kind Medford Midi Marauder with custom silver hand carved show scale. With Jordan Blankenship leading the helm, Leroy’s Wooden Tattoos is synonymous for their popular hand carved skull bands, custom pendants, carved knucks, gun grips and more! After seeing the quality gear that he creates, we knew this collaboration needed to happen!

About the Custom Medford Midi Marauder:

If you’re looking for a slick and compact pocketknife that can handle all your day-to-day cutting needs look no further than the Medford Knife and Tool Midi Marauder. The Midi Marauder was manufactured to bring the sleek and sturdy functionality of the full-sized Marauder to a more compact package. Designed to be a perfect blend of style and functionality, this custom Medford Midi Marauder is an absolute must-have for any true knife enthusiast. Crafted with an overbuilt .190" thick tanto blade, this Medford Knife features solid .187" thick scales and a milled titanium pocket clip. PVD finished throughout except for the flamed pivot, it also boasts beautiful hand-carved skull work on the .935 silver (Argentium) show scale.

Medford Knife and Tool Custom Midi Marauder - Leroy's Wooden Tattoos Artwork
Medford Knife and Tool Custom Silver Midi Marauder

Most of you are probably familiar with the jewelry-grade, .925 sterling silver often used for less strenuous applications like bands and chain necklaces. Sterling silver is great, but isn't really ideal for high stress applications like knife making - that's right, I've seen what some of you guys put your knives through! The premium grade .935 silver, or Argentium, is arguably one of the most impressive silver alloys on the market! Its increased brightness, improved durability, fire-stain resistance, and higher melting point are just some of its key benefits. Furthermore, Argentium is much easier to weld or fuse than sterling silver, making it the ideal choice for metalsmiths who want to create intricate designs with ease. And perhaps best of all, this silver is 7-times more tarnish-resistant than ordinary sterling, which makes maintenance a breeze. Though it’s not cheap, using this silver gave us a stronger knife with less cleaning and higher resistance to tarnishing – only the best for our knives and customers!

Custom Medford Midi Marauder from Leroy's Wooden Tattoos
Medford Knife and Tool Custom Silver Midi Marauder

We’re excited for the release of these custom Midi Marauders, and for the upcoming pre-order. There will be a longer wait time on these knives since these scales are hand crafted. But, as you can see from the pictures and videos, it's going to be well worth it! Keep an eye on our emails, and social media pages for updates when we go live with pre-orders.

If you’re interested on one of these incredible pieces, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll get you on the short list.

Remember, only 10 of these custom Silver Midi Marauders will be made. They will be produced and shipped in the order they are received. Once these custom silver Midi Marauders are sold. They’re gone!

Cheers and puffs,

Jake, The Medford Guy


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