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Introducing The American Service Knife from ASK Knives.

Like many great ideas that revolutionized American history, the story of the American Service Knife began in March of 2016 over shared drinks amongst good friends in a pub with conversations revolving around industry, future projects, and knife aspirations. Somewhere between German suds and comradery, the mention of the swiss knife market with its plastic handled multi-functional knives, came about and how no one has ever challenged their dominance in this space – especially from an American perspective. Sure, there are large and bulky multitools available but nothing small, pocketable, durable, and uniquely usable in most situations. The excitement was high with this idea as Medford Knife and Tool’s very own Greg Medford began to jot down ideas and sketch out prototypes. The creative juices were flowing in overdrive.

Fast forward to 2022, and now we have the official launch and inevitable public release of a series of knives under the ASK Knife brand. A uniquely American, completely modular multifunction knife set to challenge the Swiss powerhouse head-to-head and shake up the knife industry for years to come.

Looking at the American Service Knife models set for initial public availability, there’s a common ethos shared between the knives. The materials used in the construction are unapologetically American sourced using steel from Niagara Specialty Metals in New York, titanium mined from the heart of Ohio, and plastics sourced in Scottsdale, Arizona. The American Service Knife is manufactured more like a precision tool utilizing advanced machining and quality powdered steels at thicknesses meant to withstand hard use in the field.

These multi-functional knives wear titanium liners to increase their rigidity and strength while an Magnacut steel spring ensures safe lock-up and reliable deployment with every use. The initial proof runs will feature S35VN steel blade and locking spring. Decorating the exterior of these pocketknives are modular injection molded plastic scales that come in a variety of colors specifically: Grabber Orange, OD Green, Corsair Blue, and Hi-Vis Orange which are all set for the initial production. Additional scale color variants will be available in the future, allowing users to tailor their knife’s aesthetics according to their individual preference and stylistic taste. A full array of modular tools will also be available for future release, allowing users to completely customize the American Service Knife to suit their working needs.

Set to launch in 2022 are 4 different base models with names that throwback to special moments of American heritage. The first of the four models to release is named ‘The Jefferson’ named after Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States of America and one of the most enlightened minds throughout American history. The Jefferson model of the American Service Knife will come in ‘Grabber Orange’ and will feature a tool set that will likely serve the greatest common denominator of users. At official launch, this pocketknife will feature a Magnacut Steel Drop Point blade offering penultimate strength and edge retention, a reinforced sharpened chisel that doubles as a pry-bar, and ¼ inch hex that tapers into a knurled grabber with nail catch. The Jefferson is also slated to offer a hardened talon-style bottle opener doubling as a flat head driver with nail catch. Like with all ASK Knives, The Jefferson will be modular and fully configurable to suit the user's taste.

Slated for Quarter 2 of 2022 will be ‘The Washington’ American Service Knife. Named for the greatest founding father and first President of The United States, The Washington will come in an ‘OD Green’ color scheme with a tool set to suit the 2nd Amendment aficionado and freedom-loving patriot alike. The Washington will feature a Magnacut mono-tanto blade greatly increasing tip strength and a keen edge. The tool set on The Washington will include a talon-style rangefinder bottle opener with nail catch that measures out to 400 yards, and a carbon bolt scraper tool to assist with cleaning firearms like the AR-15 with ease.

Set for a Quarter 3 Launch in 2022 is ‘The Ironside’ model of American Service Knife. The Ironside pays homage to the USS Constitution and is featured in rich ‘Corsair Blue’ scales, reminiscent of the deep blue sea during the Barbary Pirates War, where The USS Constitution challenged the status quo of its time defending liberty and freedom. The tools to be included on The Ironside are a Magnacut Seax Blade that’s inspired by northern European seafarers, a ¼ turn Dzus fastener blade drive that also functions as a pry bar, and a talon style bottle opener with nail catch perfect for enjoying suds on the open sea or for sending a message in a bottle.

The final American Service Knife launch in 2022 will take place in Quarter 4 with the release of ‘The Alchesay’ pocketknife. Paying tribute to their native Arizonian roots, ASK Knives named The Alchesay after the Apache native and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient William Alchesay. This great American assisted American troops during the Indian Wars and was vital in the apprehension of Geronimo. The Alchesay is a knife that truly excels in the field. It includes ‘Hi-Vis Orange’ scales that are meant to stand out in wilderness settings. The knife is kitted with a Magnacut steel Wharncliffe blade ideal for field craft use, and a talon-style bottle opener with rangefinder viewing holes that doubles as a flat head screwdriver. Finally, the Alchesay has a functional sewing awe for doing stitch work on the fly.

All models of the American Service Knife will include the rigid 6AL4V titanium liners, titanium hardware, premium CPM powder steels, robust precision machined tools meant for real use, and all-American molded plastics. ASK Knife owners will enjoy true freedom through modularity by increasing functionality with a customizable pallet of tools that can be changed on the fly. When developing the American Service Knife, Greg Medford and his crew didn’t set out to fit the most tools in a pocketable package. No, they developed knives with the few tools you need daily and manufactured them at thicknesses built for real use and abuse. The American Service Knife is meant to offer users 3-4 resilient tools capable of completing the task at hand and to take on the Swiss market for the best multi-function knife. ASK Knives is going to be an industry disrupting business to keep an eye on. You will want to be a part of this historic knife maker’s journey.

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Friends, thanks for reading along about the American Service Knife. If you have any questions about ASK Knives, or Medford Knife and Tool please don't hesitate to Contact Us of send a message through social media. I'd love to help you get into your next Medford Knife or special order the custom Medford Knife of your dreams!


Jake - The Medford Guy

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