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Introducing: The Kingsman Tribute - 10 Seats Of Power

At The Medford Guy, we strive to bring you goods and experiences fit for the uncommon man. Our focus has always been on offering quality, premium goods from brands like Medford Knife and Tool, Metal Urgency, and Nash ‘On the Roam’. We’ve never set out to play it safe or do what all other dealers and retailers are doing. We don’t follow trends, we set out to create them. And, operating under that premise, we think we’ve brought you all something you won’t want to miss out on. In direct partnership with Chris May (@pirate.lord.may on Instagram), Jake - The Medford Guy, and our team of collaborative partners are now proud to introduce to you: The Kingsman Tribute - featuring 10 Seats of Power. This is the penultimate quest in association with the Pirate Lord's Cove Empire.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “What on earth is a Kingsman Tribute?” Let me explain because this is going to be an experience unlike anything else! We’ve teamed up with some very prestigious, and well-renowned brands to bring you something that’s more than a collaborative product. The Kingsman Tribute is a membership, or better yet a brotherhood, centered around adventure, mystery, camaraderie, quest, unique gear, and so much more. The Kingsman Tribute is exclusive to 10 people, each owning a Seat of Power.

So, what’s a Seat of Power you might be thinking? Each member of the Kingsman Tribute holds a Seat of Power that takes an active role in the Kingsman Tribute Experience. With a Seat of Power, the member enjoys $1600+ in gifts and treasures exclusive to the Kingsman Tribute – and that’s just the beginning! As part of the experience, each Seat of Power also includes sole access to parties and events including a Pirate Luxury Yacht Cruise in 2023. Treasure hunts using geocaching technology are included and involve passcodes, keys, access coins, and more at speakeasies, bars, restaurants, lounges, and even cathedrals nationwide.

Each Seat of Power will also gain access to limited edition merchandise like hand-crafted jewelry with gem insets, challenge coins, chalices, and early access to all new product drops at and our Kingsman Tribute partners. The virtual mastermind calls are going to be a show-stopper in themselves. These virtual calls will include all members of the brotherhood and will incorporate premier tastings which include premium spirits, cigars, and other pairings sourced by The Medford Guy in collaboration with our luxe partners.

To further expand on the lore of the Kingsman Tribute experience, seat-holders will enjoy treasure media content, for a behind-the-scenes look at projects with The Medford Guy and Kingsman Tribute partners plus pirate lore, tales of adventure, and more. Finally, each Seat of Power will enjoy voting rights and wields power and influence in future adventures, hunts, events, parties, and tastings, in addition to exclusive merchandise offerings.

Think of this as a Patreon, but with adventure, treasure hunts, quests, brotherhood, camaraderie, exclusive personalized gifts, behind-the-scenes looks, voting privileges on new experiences, and so much more!

We’ve been painstakingly working on developing the pirate empire and the Kingsman Tribute experience for a long time. And finally, after countless hours of planning, sourcing, curating, building, coordinating, and partnerships we’re proud to bring you the adventure of a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making the experience a reality. We know you going to love it. Click the link below to learn more about the Kingsman Tribute and its 10 Seats of Power. We're excited to have you join the Pirate Lord Cove's Empire!

Cheers and puffs,

Jake, The Medford Guy

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