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Introducing the TMG Medford Micro Influencer Program

Hey Medford Maniacs!

Here at The Medford Guy, we love thinking outside the box and doing all things, well, uncommon. Our brands are some of the best out there with undeniable craftsmanship and American pride central to their ethos. Medford Knife and Tool is no exception to this and that’s one of the reasons we love spreading awareness about their knives so much. We believe that every person should have at least one Medford knife riding in their pocket!

With that said, the team and I have a fun idea to help spread the word about Medford Knife and Tool, plus The Medford Guy, and we think you’re really going to enjoy being part of it.

So today we’re introducing the new The Medford Guy ‘Medford Micro Influencer’ or TMG MMI program!

The new TMG MMI initiative is going to work like this:

1.) Record a short video review of your Medford knife from The Medford Guy (or any products from and upload it to Youtube.

2.) The title of your video must contain the Brand Name, The Knife Name, the word “Review”, and “From The Medford Guy”

a. Example: Medford Knife and Tool Proxima Review – from The Medford Guy

b. Naming your video like this will help it get found in YouTube and help us see them as they pop up!

3.) Add a short video description, and use the hashtags #TheMedfordGuy #MedfordKnifeandTool and add a link to

4.) Once uploaded, shoot us a message here (CONTACT US) letting us know you’ve uploaded a video. We want to watch them all! Some might be selected to be featured on our website just to show off your awesome Medford!

5.) It must be a new video review posted after this blog post goes live (March 16th, 2023)

So, what do you get for helping spread the word about Medford Knife and Tool and The Medford Guy? On all confirmed videos we’re going to offer you a coupon code for 10% your next purchase at

The best part, you can make this a perpetual discount with each knife you purchase! Picture this - record a short video review, follow the guidelines above, get a 10% coupon code, buy a discounted Medford knife at TheMedfordGuy, record a video review of the new knife, get another discount, and on and on it goes!

A lot of you are on social media and follow both TMG and MKT. We love you and appreciate you for that by the way! With that said, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that big social media companies like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others severely censor and demote knife content in their algorithm and news feeds. We probably reach around 3-5% of you all on average (less for new audiences) and it’s always a bit disheartening because we put a lot of work into what we do. So, with our TMG MMI program, we’re hoping to break that cycle and spread the word about MKT and The Medford Guy organically through YouTube.

We know that there are already a ton of knife reviewers on YouTube, and we could just send knives to them or pay for reviews like a lot of other companies. However, our followers are our Medford family. Rather than paying a knife influencer for positive reviews or sending them free knives for favorable videos we’d rather have real reviews and reward our avid followers. Your YouTube video reviews will be organic, real, and contain incredible blades from you favorite Medford authorized dealer – at least we hope we’re your favorite :)

So now that we put this fresh idea out in the open, give us some feedback! Let us know if this is something that you’re going to be interested in. We’re going to run this program for the throughout the year and if it’s a big hit we’ll keep it going indefinitely!

As always, we really truly appreciate you all, and both the team and I are grateful for your support.

Cheers and puffs,

Jake – The Medford Guy

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