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Major Medford Knife and Tool TITAN™ Update - You Don't Want To Miss This!

Medford Knife and Tool Titan Drawing Update
Medford Knife and Tool Titan Drawing Update

Hey, Medford Maniacs!

It's time for another TMG blog post; you will dig this one! As many of you already know, we, unfortunately, had to postpone the TITAN™ drawing due to some circumstances surrounding the original venue and some unforeseen issues we encountered. We're still giving the TITAN™ away; just a simple date and venue change is all. We are shooting for doing it at the Medford Knife and Tool Holiday Show later this year. You can read more about that here in this linked blog post:

With that said, ticket sales have been going strong, and people are using their discount codes towards sick new knives and merch across the TMG website! However, the team and I wanted to up the ante and really push some entries out to make the drawing more exciting. So, starting TODAY and running until we run out of entry spots, we will be giving away one FREE Fit for A TITAN™ Entry with any purchase of $100 or more at website until all tickets are gone. That's right; you'll receive a free entry into the Fit for A TITAN™ Drawing with every $100+ purchase starting right NOW!

We're doubling your entries to make things even better for those who have already purchased Fit for A TITAN™ Tickets. So, if you already bought a TITAN™ Ticket, you now have two! As with anything, there are a few stipulations, and we've got them listed below.

Here's where the TITAN™ Entries will be a little different:

  • TITAN™ 'Tickets' and TITAN™ 'Entries' are separate ways to enter the Fit for A TITAN™ Prize Drawing.

  • Beginning July 10th, 2023, Fit for A TITAN 'Entries' are included with purchases over $100 or more at and will continue until all drawing spots are complete.

  • The TITAN™ 'Entries' will NOT receive the $100 OFF Coupon that the original Fit for A TITAN™ Tickets receive.

  • The starting date for this promotion is July 10th, 2023, and it runs until we are out of entries.

  • Fit for A TITAN™ 'Entries' will be included with all purchases OVER $100 at

Fit for A TITAN™ Tickets:

  • TITAN™ Tickets purchased before July 10th, 2023, will now receive an extra entry into the Fit for A TITAN™ Drawing. However, TITAN™ Tickets purchased during this period WILL NOT receive double $100 OFF Coupons at

  • Fit for a TITAN™ Tickets will continue to be sold for those who want to participate without purchasing gear from the website and will STILL include a $100 OFF Coupon towards a purchase at; however, as with before, the $100 OFF Coupons cannot be redeemed towards another ticket. You CAN redeem your coupon code towards a product at in value of $100+, and you WILL STILL receive a second TITAN™ Entry.

  • TITAN Tickets sold on July 10th, 2023, or later will receive a single entry into the drawing as before and the $100 OFF at Coupon.

  • As before, Fit for A TITAN™ Ticket Coupons cannot be stacked into a single purchase.

  • TITAN™ Tickets cannot be refunded nor resold.

The TMG team and I worked hard to level up the drawing, and we think you guys will be just as excited as we are about this! We realize there are many great dealers in this game to buy your everyday carry essentials, but none will give you a chance at the one-of-one Medford Knife and Tool TITAN™ Knife! We love every single one of you and want you to have as much fun as our customers (and friends), as we have been able to bring you some of the best knives and gear available on the market. So, get excited about the TITAN drawing! Get pumped for our treasure hunts, the exclusive Kingsman Tribute Seats, and our ever-evolving and growing line of pirate treasures! When we level up, you win - and TMG is leveling up!

Cheers and puffs!

Jake – The Medford Guy

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