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The Praetorian TITAN™ - What Is It, And Where On Earth Did It Go?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The BIG Reveal - Medford Knife and Tool Virtual Holiday Show 2021

The date was November 20th, 2021, and Medford maniacs were buzzing everywhere about the newly teased Praetorian Titan from Medford Knife and Tool. What was it? What would it be? Has Greg reinvented Medford’s most popular model? The online speculation seemed to be endless. Rumors of an even larger Praetorian with a massive blade were mentioned, an automatic version of the Praetorian Ti, and even a world record sized build.

What would later be revealed during Medford’s virtual holiday show would blow the minds of knife aficionados, collectors, and Medford fanboys alike. It was at this 2021 virtual holiday show that Greg Medford would reveal the newest, beefiest, most luxurious Praetorian knife to grace the earth – The 1:1 TITAN™- Medford OAK Collection, a knife for the uncommon man.

Praetorian TITAN™ Overview – Specs The new Praetorian Titan from Medford Knife and Tool is historic in so many ways. The Titan features massive .300” thick, lustrous skeletonized Timacus knife scales—an uncommon feature for even the most prestigious dress knives from MKT. Skeletonization is a process not normally performed by Medford as relieving weight from titanium scales requires expensive tooling, new process creation, machine setup time, and additional labor. At the heart of the Praetorian Titan is a .308” thick, American-made Chad Nichols Damascus tanto blade. That’s right, the blade on the Praetorian Titan has been matched to the exacting thickness of the Timascus scales creating a unique feel unlike anything in the knife industry. Created from the same Damascus bar stock is a matching .308” Damascus Breaker. To give you a mental image of how incredibly thick this knife is, picture three pairs of Medford Grenucks stacked one on top of the other! To achieve this sort of thickness in a knife without creating overt hotspots or adding weight is an entire feat in its own respect.

Each aspect of the Praetorian Titan is incredible and historic when it comes to knife making. No small detail was overlooked on this build. Where titanium hardware would normally be used to assemble a standard Praetorian, beautiful custom Timascus hardware was newly developed. This hardware was then painstakingly hand turned to exact dimensions tying the Titan together into one cohesive work of art. Greg Medford isn’t known for skimping on details, so he and his crew revisited the pocket clip design for the Titan as well. A thicker knife requires a much thicker pocket clip to support the additional size and weight. A milled Timascus .325” thick pocket clip was manufactured with Medford’s signature “M” logo integrated into the design. For visualization, this new developed pocket clip is roughly the same thickness as an entire Praetorian T knife! Building knives out of thicker stock isn’t anything new within the knife industry. Neither is the use of exotic luxurious materials in custom knives. To create something truly historical and uncommon, Medford chose to have the materials used on the titan hand sculpted by their craftsman. The Praetorian Titan wears a brilliant hand sculpting endearing referred to as

“Stained Glass” within Medford’s product line. This custom sculpting displays random angular patterns ground throughout the design, creating an individual look and feel on each knife lucky enough to wear this motif. Each Timascus scale incorporates this hand ground design, as well as the Timascus pocket clip. However, the artistic sculpting doesn’t stop there. The spine of the Timascus scales are adorned with “Dragon Scale” sculpting stretching the length of the knife all the way to the Damascus blade, continuing to the tip of the precision ground tanto edge. The Dragon Scale pattern works exceptionally well with the Praetorian Titan, creating contours that reflect the light like the faucets of a diamond. The integrated matching Damascus breaker is also clad with this custom sculpting to complete the look.

Controversy Surrounding The TITAN™ The Praetorian Titan from Medford Knife and Tool is no stranger to controversy. As with anything that creates history and challenges societal norms, rarely are all observers and end users satisfied with the outcome. With the Titan, a knife that’s fit for the record books also came with a record creating price tag. When the Titan knife was revealed and the price was announced, knife forums and social media groups were set ablaze. Both as MKT fans and opponents alike were upset at the over $100,000 price of the knife. Then knife seemed unattainable for a casual user and avid collector alike. But the Titan wasn’t made for a common crowd, nor is it a common knife. The Praetorian Titan is truly a one of a kind with nothing quite like it across the globe. This one-of-a-kind knife displays the exceptionalism that is American knife making and craftsmanship. It’s an artistic celebration of what American manufacturers are capable of when they push the bounds on expectations. Each piece of the Titan was both sourced and made in the United States by masters of their craft. The Praetorian Titan from Medford Knife and Tool is akin to Leonardo da Vinci’s, “Mona Lisa,” or similarly Patek Philippe’s “Grandmaster Chime.” This museum worthy, functional art can be owned for the right price paid by a truly uncommon man.

Where Did The TITAN™ Go? Rumors abound online regarding the Titan and where it might have gone. Some speculated that the knife wasn’t sold but was only created for Greg use as marketing hype for the Medford brand. Others mentioned that it may have been sold to an oil industry mogul in Dubai. One thing is for certain, whoever purchased the knife surely lives a life of luxury. Was it someone who collects and shows exotic cars and daily drives a Lamborghini? Perhaps it was a jet setting business mogul or angel investor traveling the world and creating economies at scale. Maybe there was a Hollywood elite actor who was tuned in to the Medford virtual holiday show. Perhaps the buyer was a hip-hop artist, or maybe a high esteemed congressman or political figure. Regardless of who may have the Praetorian Titan, one thing is for certain. The individual that owns this knife just might have what is quite possibly the most quintessential, luxury knife on the planet.

Wishing You a Happy New Year. Make It Yours! Friends, if you’ve read this far in, I cannot thank you enough for your help in making The Medford Guy into what it is today. I truly appreciate your support over the years. The camaraderie has been priceless. As The Medford Guy business has grown and evolved, you have been right there with us celebrating everything Medford Knife and Tool, in addition to our products for the uncommon man.

It’s because of this love and support that we want to let you in on a little secret. The Medford Guy has been working meticulously behind the scenes planning to make 2022 the best year yet. And, we want you to be a part of that growth next year. We’re making big moves in 2022, with the biggest so far being the release of a new, The Medford Guy Exclusive.

As part of the new and exclusive The Medford Guy Master Collection, we are proud to introduce to you the Full-Dress Medford Praetorian 1:1 TITAN™ - Medford OAK Collection.

A Knife Fit for the Uncommon Man. This prestigious piece of knife making history will ring in the new year at and kick off “The Medford Guy Master Collection,” filled with the most luxurious, incredible knives from Medford Knife and Tool.

Like a fine bourbon, this knife features notes that play on your senses. You get hints of fine, American craftsmanship, American Timascus and Damascus, how the light plays on the contours and angles of the custom sculpting like the refractions from fine diamond. Custom hard-turned full Timascus hardware which includes even the most minute details like the spacers. Friends, this is truly knife art. When holding the Titan, it feels like you are on a hillside listening to George Washington himself give a speech before battle readying the troops to liberate America from the King George. It’s a piece of knife making history in every way.

Enjoy this exclusive look at the Full-Dress 1:1 TITAN™ - Medford Oak Collection

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Wishing you and your families have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year in 2022!

Yours truly,

Jake - The Medford Guy

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