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Product Spotlight: Medford USMC Fighter Fixed-Blade Knife

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

WWII American Soldiers In The Trenches
WWII American Soldiers In The Trenches

The year was 1939, the start of the deadliest conflict known to mankind. Over 30 countries come together in different factions to form two opposing forces: The Allies and The Axis of Power. For each side to gain any advantage possible, military and civilians alike pool resources taking an all-hands-on-deck approach to protect freedom, family, friends and countrymen. The great powers of the planet combine economies, industry, and scientific capabilities to bring the most advanced arms and protection to the table. The weaknesses of protective equipment were ripped out like weeds, rapidly replaced with new innovative offerings fit for the strongest, grittiest fighters to grace the planet.

USMC Fighting Utility Knife
USMC Fighting Utility Knife

Enter: The USMC Fighter Utility Knife - perhaps the world’s most iconic close quarters survival weapon.

The predecessor to the USMC Fighter Utility Knife was the Mark 1 Trench Knife. A clunky cutting tool with a blade formed of weak metal, a cast bronze handle with integrated spiked brass knuckles, held together with a conical steel nut. The thin blade was known to break frequently under the pressures of service.

Mark1 Trench Knife
Mark1 Trench Knife

The ‘knuckle’ handle made forward and reverse grip difficult to maneuver when in a bind - something you didn’t want when seconds count. The USMC Fighter Utility Knife, affectionately known as the Ka-Bar, improved this with stronger materials, a thicker steel blade, a grippy leather wrap, and rugged steel pommel and guard. This knife is the most well-known and respected blade on the planet. It’s a knife built for men, for patriots, for the most tenacious fighters to walk the earth.

Until now...

Medford Knives USMC Fighter Fixed-Blade Knife, PVD Blade, Matching Titanium Pommel and Guard, Black G10 Grip.
Medford Knives USMC Fighter Fixed-Blade Knife

Introducing The USMC Fighter Fixed-Blade from America’s quintessential knife maker: Medford Knife and Tool.

The USMC Fighter Knife is one of the biggest, meanest defensive pieces from Medford Knives. Taking the proven design and functionality of the original, Medford Knife and Tool brings modern precision manufacturing, premium-grade materials, and American exceptionalism to what was once only utilitarian configuration. The expertly heat-treated, full-tang S35VN Steel blade features a modified drop point bringing rigidity to the tip of the knife—often considered the weak point of the blade. A ball-cut fuller adorns the blade riding down the length on the knife parallel to the spine to the guard.

Executive Series Medford USMC Damascus Fighter with Chad Nichol Boomerang Damascus Blade and Skeletonized G10 Grip.
Executive Series Medford USMC Damascus Fighter

Two pieces of titanium combine to form the blade guard only disjoining with the use of an Allen key for easy cleaning and maintenance. Once where stacked leather was bonded to form the grip, now has been replaced by G10 for increased grip in forward and reverse positions, and for positive purchase during hard cutting task. Neatly tying the package together is a full titanium pommel designed for crushing and striking in close engagements.

Executive Series Medford USMC Fighter Chad Nichols Boomerang Damascus with Skeletonized G10 Scales.
Executive Series Medford USMC Fighter Chad Nichols Boomerang Damascus

What was once a simple design has now experienced the innovated touch of Medford Knife and Tool and brings the knife that arguably changed the world into modern times.

A knife that’s truly built for The Uncommon Man.

Guys (and Gals) thank you for reading this blog post. I would love to help get you into your next Medford USMC Fighter Knife, or any other incredible blade from Medford Knives for that matter.

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