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So What's The Difference? Medford Praetorian T vs. Medford Praetorian Ti

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The Difference Between the Medford Praetorian T and Medford Praetorian Ti Knives

When it comes to questions about Medford Knives on the internet, probably the most common one we get is, “What are the differences between the Medford Praetorian “T” and the Medford Praetorian “Ti” knives?” In this blog post, we’re going to help clarify the core Praetorian knife line up for those who may be new to the Medford Knife and Tool brand.

Impeccable knives with a timeless design

Of all the incredible knives in the Medford Knife and Tool product range, the Medford Praetorian is undoubtedly the most recognizable and quintessential folding blade within their core line. Inspired by the praetorian guards of Rome, these knives were built tough, extremely rigid and capable of any cutting and prying task at hand. When you open a Medford Praetorian for the first time, you feel like you can cut down a tree!

Medford Praetorian T versus the Medford Praetorian Ti knife models

Within the Medford Praetorian knives product line, there are three primary knife models: the Full-Size Praetorian, the Praetorian Genesis, and the Micro Praetorian. These three Praetorian knives differ in their blade length, handle length, and overall length. The Full-Size Praetorian has an overall length of 8.94” while the Praetorian Genesis measure in at 7.5” overall length. With a name like ‘micro’ Praetorian it’s no surprise that it’s the smallest package at only 6.75” long.

There are two major variations for each of these Praetorian knives mentioned above: The Medford “T” variant, and the Medford “Ti” variant. The main difference between the Praetorian “T” and “Ti” variants are in the width of the materials used amongst other slight variances. That's really it!

Note: There are new additions to the Praetorian line up including the Praetorian Swift Auto, Praetorian Swift FL, Praetorian Slim, and Praetorian Slim Flipper models but for this post we’re only going to focus on the three core Praetorian models. These new additions to the Praetorian range do not have a “T” or “Ti” variation.

Medford Praetorian Ti

Let’s begin by looking at Medford Praetorian Ti variation. All Medford Praetorian Ti knives feature a razor sharp, massive .260” thick blade. The solid titanium handle scales have also been beefed up with each scale individually measuring in at whopping .187” thick! When fully assembled, Praetorian Ti knives fill the palm of the hand extremely well with no hot spots commonly found with thicker traditional knives. They do cost a bit more than the standard Medford Praetorian “T” knives; however, Praetorian Ti knives are generally found sporting custom configurations from Medford factory and are typically more limited in production. The full-size and genesis Praetorian Ti's also feature the classic ball cut fuller grooves adding a dash of style to the blade. The Micro Praetorian Ti has a fuller that's cut similar to that of the Praetorian T variants.

Setting itself apart from the other Praetorian Ti models, the Full-Size Praetorian Ti knife also includes an upgraded Medford Signature “M” titanium pocket clip. One thing I can guarantee, if you hold a Medford Praetorian Ti in any form you will not want to own or carry anything else.

Medford Praetorian T

Now as much as we love the Medford Praetorian “Ti” series of knives, the Praetorian T has earned its stellar reputation in the knife community within its own right. Perhaps the best-selling knife from Medford Knife and Tool, the Praetorian T is a bit thinner than its “Ti” counterpart. Knife collectors who like slicier blades love the Praetorian T with its thinner .190” thick blade stock and flowing hollow grinds behind a hair popping cutting edge. To keep the weight of the knife down Medford also incorporated slim .125” solid titanium scales. The Medford Praetorian T is an outstanding carry piece that rides easily in the pocket and is built for work. Trust me when I say that no matter which Medford Praetorian you pick, it’s more than capable of surviving the apocalypse!

Hopefully this blog post helps to clear up the difference between the Medford Praetorian T versus Medford Praetorian Ti models. Medford Knife and Tool has an expansive lineup of knives and for those new to the brand it can be a little confusing. Remember that if you ever need any help selecting your next Medford, I’m here for you.

If you have any questions about Medford knives, want to order a custom, or don’t see the deal you’re looking for please reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, our on the Contact Us page of the website. I would love to help you get into your next Medford knife!

Yours truly,

Jake, The Medford Guy

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