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The Rise of Nosferatu - A Medford Out For Blood.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The time is 1838. Drawn out by the promise of real estate fortunes a man makes the journey to a small German town to visit a new client. During his journey he speak with locals who shutter at the client’s name, begging the man to leave the cursed place. Not one for ridiculous childish superstitions, the man continues his journey to his client’s house. He arrives to a dark and ruinous place, a castle, that’s ridden with bats and mice and a faint scent of oblivion, the man approaches the door knocking three times.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The door slowly creaks open on its own revealing a pale and ominous silhouette standing in the darkness. As the figure merges from the depths of the shadows, the man can see what appears to be a gentleman with a rodent-like appearance, pale white skin, enlarged pointed ears, long fingernails, and sharp ragged teeth. A cracking voice emerges from the dilapidated gentleman, “Welcome, Mr. Hutter. I am Count Orlok.”

Count Orlok, better known as Nosferatu—The Original Dracula.

Nearly a century later, on Halloween weekend, we celebrate what can be considered the first venture into what would become modern-day horror cinema. From silence, and black and white screens, and subtitles to modern thrillers the movie, “Nosferatu: A Symphonie of Horror” released in 1922 was arguably the start of Horror films.

Bringing it back to knives, Greg Medford and his motley crew of ‘MKTooligans” decided to immortalize the stark figure of cenamatic horror in one of the most incredibly haunting, well built, fast action sets of knives to grace the planet. That’s right, there are two Nosferatu Knives: The Nosferatu Auto Dagger, and The Nosferatu Flipper.

The Nosferatu Auto

The Medford Knife and Tool Nosferatu Auto features an unbelievably sharp 3.5” dagger blade expertly modeled after Count Orlok’s deadly fangs. On the top side of the dagger’s blade your will find a swedge that isn’t sharpened but is ground in a way to provide superior puncturing ability should the need arise. With its out-the-side spring action, the Medford Nosferatu Dagger awakens for blood leaping into action from the titanium coffin inspired chassis at the press of a button. As with all Medford Knives, the blade lock up is solid with zero radial blade play. If you have ever owned an auto from another maker, you’ll certainly understand blade play is often a nuisance but remains a requisite of automatic blades. Medford Knife and Tool solved for the blade play issue using their modern manufacturing capabilities providing the incredibly tight tolerances you’ve come to expect from Medford knives. For the more safety conscious Medford Aficionados, the Nosferatu Automatic Knife includes an integrated button-lock safety within the titanium coffin chassis. A legendary auto fit for a legendary figure in horror.

Medford Nosferatu Button-Lock Flipper (Wharncliffe)

Shortly after the hugely successful release of the Nosferatu Auto, Medford Knife and Tool released another variant to carry the Nosferatu name—this time, the Nosferatu Wharncliffe Button-Lock Flipper.

Similarly designed on the surface, the Nosferatu Flipper features an expertly heat-treated S35VN blade, full titanium coffin-shaped chassis, and button lock. However, that’s where the similarities end. This slicy new Wharncliffe blade profile measures in at 3.5” in length and includes the classic hollow-grind Medford Knife and Tool is well known for. The Nosferatu Flipper utilizes new caged bearings that provide a silky-smooth opening and drop-shut closing action. Be careful though, it drops fast! The flipper lug has been fine tuned to offer the perfect angle and amount of force for successful blade deployment with ease. Just like its predecessor the Medford Nosferatu Flipper is the picture-perfect namesake for king of horror films.

Well friends, that’s it for this post. If you want to learn more about the Nosfertu Auto, the Nosferatu Flipper, or any other Medford knives please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to help you get into your next Medford Knife - the only knife fit for The Uncommon Man.

As always, reach me on the website via the Contact Us page, on Instagram (@TheMedfordGuy), or on Facebook (


Jake - The Medford Guy

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