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The Story of America’s Quintessential Knife Maker: Medford Knife and Tool

Welcome to The Medford Guy Blog, your new home for the latest news, releases, and more all about your favorite brand, Medford Knife and Tool! In the past this blog has fallen on the wayside, we're fixing that today. I want to make this blog your go-to source for the most exclusive information available for Medford Knives. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy this incredible new journey. If you have any content ideas you want to see, be sure to Contact Us to let us know!

Medford Knife and Tool Dragon Damascus Praetorian Ti Custo Folding Knife.
Medford Knife and Tool Dragon Damascus Praetorian Ti

History of Medford Knife and Tool

Starting from humble beginnings, and rising to one of the nation's top knife makers, Medford Knife and Tool is a brand that exudes American exceptionalism. Lead by Greg Medford at the helm, Medford Knife and Tool has been manufacturing some of the biggest, baddest, and best tactical folding knives and fixed blade weaponry to leave their home state of Arizona - better yet, the United States. Medford’s factory is loaded with CAD and CNC machines providing a modern American touch on a tool that’s been around since the dawn of time. Although Medford incorporates mass production using advanced machinery, all of their knives experience a human touch in the process. Whether it's through heat treating blades to produce a beautiful Vulcan finish, or performing custom anodizing and sculpting of titanium scales each knife gets hand finished and inspected by one of Medford's cutlery experts. Make no mistake, when you hold a Medford for the very first time, you will instantly understand what all of the chat is about in the knife industry. Medford Knives are American-made, full featured mid-tech knives designed to last a lifetime.

Meet The Maker: Greg Medford

Love him or hate him, most in the knife community knows Greg Medford as the unapologetic, opinionated, scrappy, brash, Trump loving, pro-America native Arizonian that makes some of the biggest and baddest thick blades in the industry. But, what you may not know is Greg’s humble beginnings that over the years has shaped him and his business, Medford Knife and Tool, into what you know today.

Early In Life

Early in Greg’s life, his views were drastically shaped, and deep rooted by his family. His views on pragmatism, hark work, honesty, patriotism, and humanity were instilled by his mother, a 2nd generation Greek immigrant, and his father whose Irish-American heritage originating in Massachusetts, Western Texas, and Arizona.

Greg Medford (Left) the founder of Medford Knife and Tool
Greg Medford (Left) and Yours Truly, Jake The Medford Guy (Right)

No stranger of the American dream Greg’s Greek grandfather, Christy Nekitopoulos, would get emotional every time he spoke of our great nation. As a business owner himself, Nekitopoulos had a passionate understanding of America’s founding principals and the opportunity they provide. Greg’s Grandfather Christy founded AC Motor Express, the now 100-year old family owned and operated trucking company. Greg’s other Grandpa, Ferris Medford, was a hardened West Texan cast from the dust and cattle that surrounded him. Throughout his life this avid horseman hand crafted fine leather goods for his friends and peers in law enforcement. Their influence lives on through Greg, leaving their marks on him as an innovative designer, and manufacturer. Medford Knives are a beautiful and functional combination of yankee ingenuity perfectly blended with western freedom and high tech materials.

Later In Life

Though he would consider himself relatively new to knife marking, Greg Medford approaches knife manufacturing with the same passion and dedication he brings to every aspect of his life. Medford originally got his start in the mid-1980’s by restoring and using period-correct Japanese swords giving him a thirst for all things edged. A little known fact, Greg is a 31-year martial artist, a hand-to-hand combat teacher, and a master-level CQC instructor with an immense background in bare-handed weapons defense and disarmament. Rumor has it, Chuck Norris learned his infamous skills including the patented round house kick from Medford himself. Again, this is only mere speculation!

Another little known fact is that Greg has been a leader in the Warbird Aviation community for years, still holding a commercial pilot’s license and having flown in aerobatic airshows with his surface level aerobatic competency card. While Greg was flying airshows, he was a pilot who also serviced and rebuilt the planes he would fly, occasionally importing exotic planes from around the globe. Soaring high like the Medford Knife and Tool brand, Greg is still a FAA certified single/multi/instrument flight instructor.

Medford Knife and Tool's USMC Fighter Flipper Knife in the "Marine Dress Blues" custom configuration
Medford Knife and Tool's USMC Fighter Flipper - Marine Dress Blues Custom Configuration

Military Service

Honorably serving in the United States Marine Corps, Greg was an M.O.S. 0311, in from 1988-1992, taking part of “New England’s Own” and deployed for Operations Desert Storm and Shield in 1990-1991. He was a vital component in the augmentation force integrating into the 5th Marines and part of ground operations in “Task Force Ripper” in Western Kuwait. Though he may come off as a proverbial hard-ass, he has a soft spot in his heart for anyone who needs a knife for the various requirements in warfare, where he can leverage his first hand knowledge to design and create a knife fit for the most important mission at hand. He knows that our service members consist of our loved ones, and offers the finest tools best suited to protect them in their missions at home and abroad.

When a knife leaves with the Medford logo stamp, you can have confidence knowing you’re backed by the best in the business.

Medford Knife and Tool Micro Praetorian completely made in the USA.
Medford Knife and Tool Micro Praetorian

Where Are Medford Knives Made?

Where are Medford Knives made? Are Medford Knives really American-made? The answers to these questions are extremely simple. Yes, absolutely unapologetically, without a doubt made right here in the United States of America in Phoenix, Arizona by proud ‘America-first’ patriots. When it comes to the typically loose phrase, ‘American Made’ Greg Medford ensures his efforts go far beyond what is required. Medford Knife and Tool wears this with pride, not only making their knives right here in the United States, but also sourcing all components and raw materials used in the manufacturing process right here as well. To take this a step further, Greg employee’s citizens of this great country, hard working Arizona natives rather than using cheaper labor options often found at other manufacturing facilities. The one caveat to his all-American manufacturing process, is that the screw shortages during the pandemic has, quite literally, screwed the knife making business. Though all screws and hardware use to be tooled in-house, Medford Knife and Tool has grown to the point where screws have to be outsourced to other American screw resellers and manufacturers - some of which ran into supply shortages themselves during the pandemic. So depending on the knife and manufacture date, the screws may or may not have been truly made in America. To that point, they were sourced in within the United State's borders and initially made at the factory, loveably called “The Shacktory.”

This exclusive Praetorian Ti custom from Medford Knife and Tool features a dragon Damascus blade, with full timascus handle and clip.
Medford Knife and Tool Full Dress Praetorian Ti Custom

What Knife Steels Does Medford Knife and Tool Use?

The knife steels Medford uses in their knives have drastically changed over the years. A company known for originally using expertly heat treated D2 Tool Steel in their knives, Medford has since changed their tone on ‘super’ steels commonly available in the market. To date, Medford is notorious for using D2 on their legacy knives and now, more often than not, using S35VN blade steel on much of their higher volume production. For patrons looking for the latest and greatest steels available, Greg and his crew has produced limited production ‘dealer’ runs of popular Medford Knives using super steels such as S90V, 3V, CPM20CV, and lately even S45VN! Unlike other manufacturers in the knife industry, all Medford steels are sourced in the United States of America.

For those who are looking for the most exclusive, premium options available, Greg will occasionally turn out luxury-grade, full dress knives using exotic steels like Chad Nichols Damascus, and Dragon Scale Damascus. If you are searching for such a knife, you are in the right place. The Medford Guy is your exclusive, go-to source for business class, executive knives, full dress jewelry-grade knives and more. Contact US for more info.

Medford Knife and Tool M/P Scout Liner Lock with OD Green G10 knife scales.
Medford Knife and Tool M/P Scout - OD Green G10 Configuration

What Scale Materials and Handle Materials Are Used in Medford Knives?

Medford Knives are well known for their wide variety of scale and handle customizations including laser etched graphics, custom flaming, beautiful anodizing in a wide variety of colors, and hand-sculpting that can arguably be classified as works of art. Though Medford Knife and Tool has an extremely wide variety of scale and handle customizations, the materials they use are relatively straight forward and widely adopted across the knife industry. For their flagship knives like the Praetorian ’T’ and Praetorian ‘Ti’ line up, Medford chooses to use a strong industry go-to 6AL4V grade titanium. This titanium is widely known for its durability, strength, and resiliency. For Medford Knife and Tool’s more budget friendly options, the material most often used is G10, commonly offered in Black, OD Green, and High-Viz Orange. Generally these are found in the liner lock knives like the Praetorian M/P Scout. As of late, Medford also has been incorporating aluminum into their builds. This creates an overall lighter weight package, while still employing titanium lock sides for increased rigidity when locked. You will find aluminum scales through knives like their new M-48, the Praetorian Swift FL Flipper, and the classic button-lock Smooth Criminal folding knife. Among their fixed blade selection, you will see multiple color variations of G10 scale material used, though occasionally a knife like the new Necromancer will have a ‘plain’ option for those who want to go without, or used their own paracord wrap.

Medford Knife and Tool Nosferatu Automatic Knife with tumbled titanium scales and flamed hardware for a pop of color.
Medford Knife and Tool Nosferatu Automatic Knife - Tumbled Titanium Scales, Flamed Hardware

How long does it take to get a Medford Knife?

A question that’s asked quite often, it’s one that can be a bit complex to answer. Due to the unique batch processing used at Medford Knife and Tool, it can take anywhere between 6-8 months for knives ordered on their website. Medford Knives are made in large production runs, with CAD and CNC equipment piloting the mass production of components. Even with that production advantage, their hard-working employees still fabricate the custom options and finishing touches. Almost every Medford Knife and Tool model features a hand ground and sharpened blade, not to mention the various customizations like their hand sculpting, anodizing, and laser engraved scale options. If you are wondering how long it takes to get a Medford Knife, you best bet is to call and speak with the Medford Knife team, or contact you authorized dealer. The Medford Guy is always happy to help you configure your dream pocket knife!

Medford Knife and Tool Fat Daddy Folding Knife featuring stained glass sculpting and bronze anodized hardware.
Medford Knife and Tool Fat Daddy Folding Knife - Stained Glass Sculpting

How Good Are Medford Knives?

If you’re new to the world of Medford Knives, you undoubtedly have probably asked the question: How good are Medford Knives? Though The Medford Guy is undoubtedly biased, the simple answer is Medford Knives are the best being produced in the United States of America, and quite possibly the world. With their combination of durable, strong, and rugged materials, Medford’s knives are meant for real world use. Yes, even their nicest custom knives are built to last a lifetime, and are perfectly capably of being used in the most extreme environments. Medford Knives have always been made for people who work using their hands, and need utter dependability from their cutting tools. That’s right, Medford Knives are tools meant to be used for more than opening envelopes, or Bezo’s boxes! So feel free to baby your Medford, or put it through the wringer with the most difficult cutting task. We believe the cutlery coming from Medford Knife and Tool are the most quintessential knives being produced today. Every man, woman, and child should have a Medford.

Medford Knife and Tool 187F Flipper Knife with deep blue anodized scales and PVD finished blade and hardware.
Medford Knife and Tool 187F Flipper Knife - Deep Blue Anodized Scales and PVD Blade

Have a question about Medford Knives, or a custom request?

I’m here for you! Feel free to visit the Contact Us page to reach out. Want exclusive access to the latest drops of Medford Knives? Be sure to join and subscribe to our email list. We won’t spam you, or send you unwanted junk. You will receive early info on our newest batches received, limited promotions, and the latest news from the largest Medford Knife and Tool dealer around, yours truly - The Medford Guy.

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