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Top Secret Preview - A TITAN™ Feature in duPont REGISTRY

As many of you know by now, The Medford Guy team has developed quite the relationship with duPont REGISTRY magazine - America's go-to source for luxury automobiles, real estate, yachts, and luxury living.

Our friends over duPont Registry magazine noticed how our team has been pushing the envelope in the knife space and decided to feature the TITAN™ in a full spread! The TITAN™ - Medford OAK Collection is the world's first, ultra luxury investment-Grade pocketknife that is ground breaking in many ways. Sure, the premium materials and craftsmanship are incredible alone. However, the TITAN™ is the first knife to include an NFT with utilities, and be featured in the Metaverse. It's an incredible collaboration with Medford Knife and Tool that we're thrilled to have had part in.

The article is set to release in the newest duPont Registry hitting the shelves this month. This is just an exclusive preview that we wanted to bring you in on. With that said, enjoy the pictures above and let's keep this secret between us!

Yours truly,

Jake - The Medford Guy

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